Concept about woods of Art MAFY

In the beginning,

We were born as a human being in this world.
As far as we are living our given life, we are given a Right to discharge onefs duty as a one person.
If one discriminates others or  nature with relative differences such as race, religion,  position, or ideology,
it is nothing to do with human duty, or Right. We human beings have ignorance and weakness within.
However, I think that it is possible to overcome them. The reason is that human being is bestowed ideals and hope.
Human being naturally has his own Wisdom.
As far as human being take part in the nature, I think there must be something Wisdom that only human being can bring forth.
Therefore, it is our responsibilities to beget the Wisdom, the Wisdom to promote living together with others,
or living together with Nature as a true human being.
From this point of view, the art must have the most effective means to discharge that role. Otherwise,
There is no sense to talk about the Art.

In order to recover the original role as the means of philosophical expression in art,
the art
Institute [Woods of Art MAFY] under the name of Art museum of the Philosophy House was inaugurated for reflection.
May I ask you for your participation and moral support.

Representing {Woods of Art MAFY}       MASAAKI YAMADA