Art museum under the name of Philosophical House

丂 丂 Can you hear the inner voice of Life, the words from us?

What kind of images do you have about the institute of arts?

Probably, most of the people will imagine that the institute of arts is displaying works of many famous artists and how peaceful and serene it is.
At present there are more than one thousand art institutes in Japan including the private one.
The content of this art Institute is different. Management of the art institute is different whether it is public, or private, or business.
Most of the art institute relies on with donation, or entrance fees. Nowadays, many will close the door due to the economic difficulty.
Under all these circumstances, we like to raise a simple question; Why do we have to have an art institute? For whom does it exist?
Is it just a cultural activity for mankind? Or is it just cultural business? Let us think about it altogether.
Woods of Art {MAFY} thinks it in this way.
[Art is a mean of expression to seek for or propose universal spirit common to human beings and nature 
(something Truth, Goodness, and Beauty)] Art, Music, Literature, or Architecture is arts themselves.
However, it was not, but rather was just a methodology for arts. In other words, artwork is not art itself.
However, using artistic works or music is an expression of philosophy (universal spirit) proposed by the artist and is considered art itself.
Therefore, it is to be considered that anyone can try as far as art is concerned.

Those who agree with idea of Woods of Art {MAFY}, you can use our facility to express yourself, whether you are child, or not.

We should learn something of the  meaning of living from the rich woods (forests) which brought up humanity. How about you?
Would you like to send your message through the means of artworks or music?
It is possible for anyone to do Philosophy and bring forth the philosophy.

Management of this art institute under the name of Philosophy House shall be maintained by members of Woods of Art { MAFY},
but also, by those who agree and support to the idea of woods of art {MAFY} .
Through this opportunity, please join with us to the Woods of art.{ MAFY}.
And we wish you have the meaning of human life and have a pride of sending a tiny message to the people of the posterity.

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